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US! Telescope Spotting Scope Microscope Mount Holder Mobile Phone Camera Adapter
Telescope Camera Adapter 1.25" Extension Tube T Ring for Nikon DSLR Metal DC619
Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Telescope
Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Telescope
Universal Mobile Phone Holder Spotting Scope Cellphone Adapter Mount Rifle Scope
Universal Cell Phone Mount Adapter for Spotting Scope Monocular Telescope US Hot
Asteroid Gives Earth Record-Setting Close Shave Today: How to Watch Online
Through such optical aids, the asteroid will appear as a point of light streaking across the sky at a ... Observatory in Spain where amateur astronomers first discovered asteroid 2012 DA14 in February 2012. [Full asteroid flyby webcast shows and schedule ...
Magnifi Case Turns Microscopes And Telescopes Into iPhone Lenses
If Kickstarter were a forest, you wouldn’t be able to see it for all the iPhone camera ... telescope, or binoculars and clamp it shut. You now have a giant telephoto lens through which you can take shots using any of your iPhone photo apps.
Night-sky photos are easier than you think
You may not produce photos to rival the Hubble telescope's ... Jim Todd says there are typically six to 12 telescopes at each location. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own telescopes, binoculars and cameras, and to talk to other amateur astronomers.
Magnifi case connects iPhone to binoculars, microscopes and telescopes
The list of add-ons that let you to tinker with the photo taking capabilities ... an eye-piece such as binoculars, microscopes or telescopes. Using a similar approach to iPhone adapters for digital SLRs, Magnifi aligns the camera on your iPhone 4 / 4S ...
6 Gorgeous, High-End Smartphone Accessories Your Phone Secretly Dreams Of
Want to show your friends some photos ... binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, and spotting scopes. Once mounted, you can use your smartphone’s screen to view and take photographs of anything you can see through the lens. Imagine telescope ...
1.25in Telescope Adapter Extension Tube T Ring for Canon DSLR SLR Camera DC618
Zeiss Microscope Base for Compact Binoculars. Makes Binoculars a Microscope.
Metal 2" 2 inch SCT Telescope Visual Back Adapter Schmidt Cassegrain SCT NEW!
Telescope Viewing Adapter 2" female for Celestron C8, Made in Japan - NEW
Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Telescope
Universal Cell Phone Camera Adapter For Mount Binocular Spotting Scope Telescope
1.25" Telescope Adapter Extension Tube T Ring for Canon DSLR SLR Camera DC618
Cell Phone Adapter Holder Mount for Binocular Monocular Spot Scope TelescopeLB
1.25" Zoom Eyepiece
New SVBONY 1.25"CA1 Camera/Telescope Extension Tube Adapter+T2 Ring For Canon YS
Telescope Microscope Cell Phone Mount Holder Adapter Interface Bracket Universal
Mobile Phone Camera Adapter Spotting Telescope Microscope
Meade 64ST ETX60/70AT Camera Adapter
Universal Smartphone Adapter Holder Mount Bracket, Binocular Monocular Telescope
T Adapter for ETX & Celestron Nexstar Telescopes Astro Imaging Photography NEW
Cell Phone Telescope Adapter Holder Mount Bracket Spotting Scope K5C1
Gosky Deluxe Telescope Camera Adapter Kit for Canon EOS
Nikon camera 2 telescope eyepiece adapter 4 Prime focus & projection photography
Universal Telescope Cell Phone Mount Adapters for Monocular Spotting Scopes US
Svbony Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount for Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope
Baader 2" Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder (SCT Visual Back) # T2-17 2408140
NEW 1.25"CA1 Camera/Telescope Extension Tube Adapter+T2 Ring For Canon US STOCK
Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Telescope
Rear Cell Telescope SCT to T Adapter for Astro Imaging Photography - All Metal
DVLP new 2" telescope threaded eyepiece extender - protective ring - big screw
1.25" M42 Thread T-Mount Adapter+T2 Ring for Nikon DSLR/SLR Lens Telescope US
Camera Adapter Mount Nikon F Mount DSLR To 1.25" Telescope Extension Tube DC619
Blue Fireball 2 Inch SCT Visual Back Telescope Adapter # C-01
Mobile Phone Camera Adapter Telescope Spotting Scope Microscope Mount Holder US
Universal Phone Adapter Bracket Mount Binocular Telescope Spotting Scope Holder
Rifle Scope Smartphone Mount System Adapter for Gun Scope Airgun Scope Phone Cam
Celestron SCT Piggyback Mount for All Celestron SCT Telescopes # 93609
2"Telescope Extension Tube& Nikon T-Ring Mount Adapter& 2" to T Adapter Astro US
Meade Stella Wi‑Fi Adapter
AutoFi - WiFi module for wireless control of MEADE ETX, LX90, LXD telescopes
Spotting hunter Scope Mobile Adapter
Dovetail Board Dot Finder Mounting Bracket Great for Aiming Red-dot Reflex Sight
Microscope Telescope Interface Bracket Holder Mount Adapter For Samrt Cell Phone
Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Unviersal Smartphone Adapter # 81055
StarFi - WiFi module for wireless control of Celestron telescopes
Telescope Adapter Piece For Nikon Camera Mounting Constellation Photography
Bausch & Lomb Eyepiece Adapter 63-1013
Webcam Adapter for Telescope 1.25"Thread Good for Taking Video Capture of Moon
Smart Cell Phone Adapter Holder Mount for Microscope Telescope Interface Bracket
Hot SVBONY 7 Bright Level 1.25” Next Generation Laser Collimator 2” Adaptor us
Blue Fireball 2" to 1.25" Twist Lock Self Centering Eyepiece Adapter # E-11
1.25" telescope Basic Camera Adapter T thread filter threads Astro imaging NEW!
Spotting Scope Camera Adapter For DSLR Camera
2"Telescope Extension Tube+Nikon T-Ring Mount Adapter+ 2"to T Adapter Astro US
US Spotting Scope Microscope Mount Holder for Mobile Phone Camera Adapter C06
2" to T2 M42*0.75 Thread Telescope Eyepiece Mount Adapter Accept 2" Filter NEW!!
Telescope Camera Mount Adapter 1.25" inch Extension Tube T Ring for Canon EOS
Binocular Monocular Phone Holder Telescope Camera Adapter Bracket Mount Clip
Baader Canon EOS DSLR T-Ring with UV / IR Cut Filter # DSLR-UVIR 2958550L
Fully Metal 1.25"to0.965" Telescope Eyepiece Adapter (31.7mm to 24.5mm )Mount
Universal Cell Phone Camera Adapter For Telescope Binocular Spotting Scope Mount
New 1.25" Extension Extender Tube for Telescope Eyepiece/Filter&Compression Ring
GoSky 1.25-Inch Telescope Camera Adapter (T Adapter for Pentax K)
Baader 2" Click-Lock Eyepiece Adapter / Visual Back 3.25" SCT Thread # 2956233
Meade Stella Wi‑Fi Adapter
New T / T2 male Thread to T Female M48 to M42 Telescope Adapter
Baader SCT Expanding Ring for ETX / NX4 / C90 Mak Telescopes # NX4-SC 2958500A
Televue 1.25" 2.5x Barlow
Baader 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Clamp for Celestron & SkyWatcher Refractor 2956256
Baader 2" Clicklock Eyepiece Extension Tube with 47mm Extension EXT-CLSC 2956247
Baader 1.25" / T2 Eyepiece Holder with Helical Microfocuser # T2-8A 2458125
William Optics 2" RotoLock Eyepiece Adapter/Visual Back 3.28" SCT Female Thread
2inch Telescope Camera Adapter for Pentax K SLR/DSLR - with 2” Filter Threads
Zeiss Quick Camera Adapter For Digiscoping
Baader 2" to 1.25" Pushfit Low Profile Reducer / Eyepiece Adapter T2-15a 2408151
William Optics 2" RotoLock Eyepiece Adapter w/ T Female Thread D-ROTO-A2-M42F
Meade 07356 1.25-Inch Basic Camera Adapter for Telescope (Requires T-Ring)
Leica Delta 37mm 2 C-Mount or T2 4 CCD & CMOS Microscope Camera Adapter
Baader SCT Lock Ring for 2" Maxbright Diagonal # LRING 2458270
Meade f/6.3 Focal Reducer, (4-element; 41mm dia.)
Baader 2" to 1.25" ClickLock Reducer (Eyepiece Adapter) # T2-15b 2956214
Baader Zeiss M44 Female to T2 Female Adapter # T2-09 1508041
GSO Crayford Focuser Flange / Base Plate for Refractors - 96.6mm
Baader Microstage II Clickstop Digital Camera Afocal Adapter # MSTAGE-II 2450330
Universal Mobile Phone Adapter Clip Bracket Holder Mount Microscope Telescope
Nikon 1 J1 V1 mirrorless 2 Telescope adapter 4 variable Projection Photography
Baader Russian / Pentax M42x1 Female to T2 Male Camera Adapter # T2-23 1508015
Blue Fireball 2" to 1.25" Eyepiece Adapter with External T / T2 Thread # P-10
Vortex Optics Viper HD 2018 Spotting Scope 20-60x85 Straight
Meade #62 Camera T-Adapter for 7" - 12" SCT Telescopes # 07352
Baader 2" Clicklock Clamp for Vixen M60 Thread # CLVX-2 2956260
HoTech 2" Self Centering SCA Telescope T-Adapter # SCA-TA2
Tele Vue 1.25" Eyepiece Adapter for Questar Telescopes # AQE-0005
Baader VariLock 46 T-2 Extension Tube 29-46mm # T2-25V 2956946
Tele Vue Piggyback Camera Adapter # PGC-1001
ZWO Nikon Lens Short Adapter for ASI1600 Camera & Electronic Filter Wheel
Baader VariLock 29 T-2 Extension Tube 20-29mm # T2-25Y 2956929
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Second telescope for tracking asteroids debuts on Haleakala
This 2010 file photo ... telescope atop Haleakala. The second asteroid-tracking telescope at Haleakala is expected to be operational next month. The device, part of the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System, is one of four powerful ...
See Saturn on the 19th! | Weather
but the rings and several moons are visible through binoculars or telescopes. I'll have charts for other places around the globe later because we hope that folks around the world will be able to join in, too. Please capture the moment with your own photo ...
Stunning supermoon close-up taken with iPhone
He also used a Magnifi adapter, a photo adapter case designed to attach an iPhone to most pieces of optical equipment, whether it's a microscope, binoculars, or a telescope. Earle used the Cortex Camera app, which takes advantage of the phone's ...
Interested in Astronomy? Here's What You Need To Know about Telescopes
Astronomy images courtesy Bushnell If you ever thought ... screw attachment blocks in favor of larger rings or plates. The simplest type of mount is the Dobsonian mount. They are good at keeping the scope steady and allowing it move smoothly.
See the Sun Up Close in Live Webcast Today
The online Slooh Space Camera, which organizes ... directly at the sun through a telescope, binoculars or your unaided eyes without protection. Astronomers use special solar filters to safely observe the sun through telescopes. Solar Quiz: How Well Do ...
Nikon Announces a 1 Series Digiscoping Adapter for Using Telescopes as Lenses
The Adapter is the simpler of the two options, allowing the telescope to be mounted like a standard lens. The Nikon 1 camera’s aperture priority and manual exposure modes can be used with an attached telescope. If you’d like to snap photos through the ...